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Replacement car key service

Losing a car key can be disappointing for a car owner, especially if you lose a programmed remote key. Replacement remote keys can’t just be cut, they need to be individually programmed in order to work with the car’s existing security system.

If your key is broken or you’re missing a spare we can provide new remote or standard keys for your vehicle wherever you are in the UK. These will be supplied, cut and programmed by our highly trained vehicle locksmiths using the latest equipment; we have everything you need to keep you moving.

We can program and re-code new car keys, pairing remote locking with your car’s security system. This won’t leave you with a physical key that can’t be operated remotely; you’ll still be able to open the car from a short distance. Replacement keyless entry auto keys are available for newer models too.

Keys for a range of manufacturers

We can provide replacement keys for a wide range of manufacturers, whether you’re looking for a key for your BMW, Audi, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Honda or many more - we’re the specialists when it comes to auto key replacement and can cut new keys in many types.

We’re ready program new keys

Once you’re ready to get new auto keys programmed just bring along your vehicle registration document (V5C) and driving licence to prove you're the owner of the car and we’ll do the rest.

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