Gaining Entry To Your Car

Whether your keys are locked in your car or you are unable to unlock your vehicle using your key; We've Got The Key is here to help!


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Broken or inaccessible keys don’t have to stop you from getting in. There are several scenarios that we have solutions for:

Your Key is Locked in The Car or You’ve Lost Your Key

Don’t worry, we’ve all done it at some point! Whether you left your keys on the dashboard before closing the door or you shut them in the boot, we can unlock your car and get them out for you, whether it’s a simple key, a transponder fob or a remote key.

Our locksmiths are highly trained to gain access to your vehicle using non-destructive methods. They use specialist lock picks to simulate the use of your original keys and unlock your vehicle without damaging the lock at all. We have thousands of up to date picks for thousands of vehicle models so it’s unlikely we can’t help you.

Even if you’ve locked your keys in the secure boot of a newer Mercedes or BMW model we should be able to rescue them without forcing damaging entry to the car, thereby saving you peace of mind.

Your car door latch is stuck

If the car’s door lock itself is the problem we may be able to help right away by freeing the seized up latch. Otherwise, if the lock is more damaged it may need replacing, which we can do after giving you access to your car and securing the door.

With locksmiths on 24/7 callout across the UK we're certain we will have a locksmith near you who can help, no matter your situation.

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