Extracting Broken Car Keys

Whether your car key is snapped in your door or stuck in your ignition we can extract it and get you back on the road; We've Got The Key is here to help.


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Key broke off in ignition

You’ve finished getting ready for work or an exciting night out, you walk to your car, get in, put the key in the ignition, then snap! What could be more frustrating? Your car’s not going anywhere right now.

What you mustn’t do is continue to push the rest of the key into the ignition or try to twist the key in the lock to start the car. This could push the broken fragment further in to the ignition or twist it inside the keyhole, making extraction more difficult. You risk doing permanent damage to your vehicle.

But luckily for you, We’ve Got The Key has highly experienced auto locksmiths who are available for callout 24/7, every day of the year, and they can save you and your car from this difficult situation. They can rescue your broken car key from the car’s ignition and make a new one, plus a spare if you need it.

Broken car keys stuck in a door lock

If your car key has broken off in your door it can be both frustrating and worrying. If you leave your car like that could someone come along, see it and manage to unlock your car? What’s more, if none of the remainder of the broken key is sticking out of the lock it’s unlikely you’ll be able to remove it without damaging your car’s door lock.

Don’t worry though, one of our locksmiths will travel to your car to recover the key. This should usually take about 30 minutes. They can then create a replacement key from the broken key (providing you can supply ownership documents for the car).

The good news is you won’t have to replace or rekey your car’s locks after a key breaks off in it, so long as the key stub has been extracted cleanly without damaging the lock.

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