"My Car Key is Locked in My Car"

When your key is locked in your car or van, we are here to help!


How Do I Get Into My Locked Car?

Can An Auto Locksmith Unlock My Car?

All good auto locksmiths should posess an extensive array of vehicle picks along with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to access a vehicle.

Which Cars Can Auto Locksmiths Open?

Auto locksmiths can open the vast majority of vehicles on UK roads, including cars with keyless entry.

Is Breaking A Window A Good Idea?

Breaking a window severely compromises a vehicle's security and exposes the vehicle to the elements. The cost of replacing the window can be expensive, and if smashed deliberately, may not be covered under an insurance policy.

How Quickly Can An Auto Locksmith Attend?

Gaining entry is usually a quick process, the biggest impact on time for attendance will be geographical location, our locksmiths use gps tracking systems to ensure the nearest deployable locksmith is dispatched in your time of need.

How Do I Find A Locksmith?

We've Got The Key provides nationwide coverage for vehicle entry, call us now to find out more.