"I Have Lost My Car Key"

When your key has gone missing, you needn't worry, we can get you a new one in no time!


How Do I Replace My Lost Car Key?

Who Do I Call When I Have Lost My Car Keys

If you have lost your car key, you could either contact a dealer or an auto locksmith; whilst the dealer would require you to visit their centre, and auto locksmith will be able to come to you.

Do Auto Locksmiths Program Car Keys?

All good auto locksmith will have the ability to program keys to vehicles; the equipment that locksmiths invest in usually varies based on how common the vehicle model is.

How Much Will A Replacement Key Cost Me?

The cost of a new car key and the labour of an auto locksmith varies depending on the make, model, and age of a vehicle. For a specific price, call our agents any time.

What Type Of Keys Can An Auto Locksmith Make?

Auto locksmiths are able to make the full variety of key types, including remote fobs, keyless proximity fobs, key cards, and transponder keys.

Will The Lost Key Be Erased From My Vehicle If I Replace It?

When car keys are added to a vehicle, in the majority of instances, an auto locksmith has the option for the vehicle to 'forget' the lost car key, however this may not always be the case; if you are concerned, always ask the auto locksmith.