"I Don't Have a Spare Car Key"

If you only have one key, and are looking to get a spare, you are in the right place!


How Do I Get A Spare Car Key?

Who Can Make A Spare Car Key?

In most instances, depending on the make, model, and age of your vehicle it is possible for an auto locksmith to make a spare key for your vehicle by the roadside.

Does An Auto Locksmith Need My Main Key To Make A Spare?

Some car keys can be provided when the main key is not present, however depending on make and model, this may vary.

Can An Auto Locksmith Programme A Spare Key?

All good auto locksmiths will be able to programme an additional key to your vehicle.

How Much Does A Spare Car Key Cost?

Spare car keys typically cost less than it would if you had no keys at all; if you only have one key, it would be a safe move to acquire a spare. For a quotation, give us a call.

What Type Of Keys Can An Auto Locksmith Make?

Auto Locksmiths are able to make the full variety of key types, including, remote fobs, keyless proximity fobs, key cards, and transponder keys.